1. a means of connection
  2. a connected series, or group
  3. the core or center, as a matter or situation

Here at YogaNexus, we don’t believe in impersonal, fill the zoom room with as many students as possible, online yoga classes.

We value our virtual space that fosters connection and authentic relationships.

Adapt & Innovate

We can’t take away from the benefit of meeting in a physical space for yoga class. But as the social and economic landscape is shifting, we must adapt, innovate, and look to the positive aspects of new opportunities (we promise — there are lots of positives here!)

Safe & Connected

We deeply believe that everyone deserves access to an online yoga community that prioritizes relationships — both between students themselves and between the student and the teacher. 
We limit each class to 16 students per studio. This sets the stage for effective communication and feedback. 
It also allows our teachers to literally SEE each of their students so that they can make real-time adjustments to their teaching and provide individualized support (you know… the stuff that yoga teachers are supposed to be able to do).

Expanded Reach

The time is ripe for us to realize a conscious global network grounded in thousands of years of wisdom and knowledge. 
The world needs yoga now more than ever
And if we remain open to the possibilities of how students and teachers connect, we have the ability to make a tremendous impact on the health and wellness of the world.