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  • Hosting Virtual Yoga Classes
  • Accepting Payment
  • And Growing Your Yogi Following

We know…teaching yoga online isn’t always simple & smooth.

  • Navigating third-party platforms like Zoom and Venmo
  • Trying to spread the word about your classes to get more students to sign up
  • And trying to make sure that your students know exactly WHERE to find you, HOW to pay you, and WHEN to log in.

… Teaching online can turn yoga (which should keep you grounded and centered) into a frustrating experience. 

We’ve been there too. That’s why we created YogaNexus — a platform that makes it *EASY* to teach yoga online. 

We also strive to recreate the sense of community and support that we love in our traditional yoga studios. 

Ready to dive into the details? 
Here we go… 

Yoga Teachers…..Not Tech Gurus

When we shift from teaching in-person to online, we suddenly become much more than yoga teachers.

We have to also become:

  • Technology gurus
  • Third-party platform coordinators
  • And under-paid problem solvers when our technology fails us

Sometimes, we spend longer navigating the technology than we do teaching the class!

But YogaNexus is here to change that. 

With our platform, you can say “goodbye” to third-party apps like Zoom and Venmo. 

Forget about emailing links.

And never again worry about making sure you actually receive payment. 

With YogaNexus you can schedule classes, receive payment, and teach your classes to a live audience all in ONE place. 

It’s the simple and the EASY way to teach yoga online. 

Because after all — you should be spending your energy teaching yoga (NOT navigating the latest zoom updates).

Prioritize Connection….

Feeling disconnected is one of the biggest hurdles to teaching yoga classes online. 
And it’s why we prioritize creating avenues for connection within YogaNexus. 
In fact, “nexus” means “connection.” You could call us “YogaConnection” and you’d be saying the same thing. 

How do we prioritize connection? 

A few ways: 

  1. The technology: our two-way live streaming allows you to see exactly what your students are doing as they follow your instructions. You’re able to provide real-time feedback and support (just like you would in a yoga studio).

This also means that you can tailor your teaching to the students who are present. It gives you the ability to increase or decrease the rigor of the class, or make any other fancy in-the-moment adjustments in response to your students. 

  1. The scheduling: We limit all our classes to 16 students. This allows you to see and respond to each student individually. 

The online scheduler also means that you’ll start to see some of the same students show up to your classes. They’ll begin to know, like, and trust you. And soon they’ll be searching for your classes within the scheduler. 

Next — all classes are taught live. 

Pre-recorded classes can be good for students who are particularly time-bound or who are simply looking for a workout. 

But we know that yoga is so much more than just a workout.

And the students on YogaNexus know that too. They miss going to the yoga studio, seeing familiar faces, and feeling a sense of belonging. 

Your Yogi-Following

Now… let’s talk about the students themselves. After all, they’re who we do this for right? 

With YogaNexus, two things can happen at once: 

  1. Your regulars (who already know and love you) have easy access to your classes. They know exactly where to find you and how to make sure you’re paid. 
  1. At the same time, your classes are hosted on our global platform — which means that students from around the world can find you and take your class. 

We’re particularly proud of our global platform. It helps teachers grow their online teaching practice. And it gives students who are searching for like-minded yoga teachers the ability to find them. 

Control Your Schedule

Lastly, let’s talk about your time. YogaNexus allows you to take back more of your time and teach yoga classes when it suits you best. 

No more working around other teacher’s schedules and vying for your preferred time slots. 

Our virtual studio means that you can schedule your classes WHENEVER you’d like. 5:00 AM? … 4:00 PM? … right before you go to bed at 10:00 PM? 

Your schedule is 100% within your control. And our global student base means that there’s likely to always be someone ready to take your class — no matter when it’s happening.

Finally! Let’s Talk Money

Ready to get started?

Free, no risk, no obligation trial for the first 30 days and then $39/month after the trial.That’s it. That’s all you pay for the entire month. You’ll set your own fees per class, and you can teach as many classes as you’d like. 

Students will pay you for every class that they take. And anything above $39 a month is your profit. With the $39 membership, you’ll be able to:

  • Host unlimited classes
  • Schedule your own classes whenever you want
  • Set your fees and accept payment through the platform

You’ll also have access to our global network of students and other teachers whom you can connect with and learn from. 
Still undecided? Check out our FAQs page for more details. 
Or, join the YogaNexus family below.

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