Monday Morning: Mindful Manifestation Meditation and Movement

Ease into the week with intention and purpose with this class designed to help you bring focus and clarity to the mind and awakening energy throughout the physical body. Drop in to your center, clear your mind, and allow the power of yoga, meditation, and breathwork to prepare you for a joyful, productive, and flourishing


Vinyasa Morning Flow

Come and join me for a morning flow that will get your energy going for the day. We will go through a series of different postures. See you on the mat. No props required; but you are free to add in blocks and straps.


Test 2

Teacher: Ben

Restorative Yoga – with props

This class is slow and gentle, perfect for winding down before bed! This is a simple and relaxing class that is great for absolute beginners and experienced yogis! Everyone is welcome! We will be using props for this class. Each pose is held for 1-3 minutes. The props will help us fully release into the