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Giving more people better access to a supportive yoga community.

We’re a virtual yoga community that values connection, support, and growth through online yoga classes. 

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So, How Does It Work?

We’re glad you asked! 

On YogaNexus, you have access to teachers and classes from around the world. You can sign up for any class that fits your schedule. 
We limit all our yoga classes to 16 students. So if you have a favorite teacher or style of yoga, be sure to sign up in advance! 
The beauty of our global platform is that you have access to some of the world’s greatest teachers.
Whether you want to stick with a single teacher you know best, or try out a new offering every day of the week — YogaNexus has the flexibility and the support for you.

What Makes YogaNexus Different From Other Platforms?

We love taking yoga classes in person. And we know that your yoga teachers love being able to teach in person too. 

But things are changing. New avenues for accessing and practicing yoga are opening up. And we believe that it’s important to change and adapt with the times. 

The pandemic taught us how vital our wellbeing is. More folks than ever are looking for ways to improve their health and wellness. But when the pandemic began and we all started working out in our living rooms… we felt a little lonely and detached. 

We missed the community of our favorite gym or yoga studio. And sometimes, quite honestly, when we took online classes, we weren’t even sure if we were doing it right. 

Afterall — we weren’t able to find that one person in the class who seemed to know exactly what the instructor was going to say before they even said it. Who was so confident in their movements that we (sub)consciously watched them when we couldn’t see (or didn’t totally understand) the instructor. Sadly, YogaNexus can’t reproduce THAT person. 

We CAN, however, reproduce some of the connection, support, and community that comes from practicing yoga in-person. How do we do it? 

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The Classes

All classes are live. And they’re all two-way streamed. This means that when you take one of our classes, you’re viewing a LIVE teacher alongside other LIVE students.
It also means that your teacher can see you. Don’t be afraid — this is a good thing! 

If you’ve ever wondered “am I doing this right?” when taking at-home yoga classes, this two-way streaming is for you. It allows your teacher to see what you’re doing and communicate with you if you need any in-the-moment adjustments. 

YogaNexus is not simply a place for teachers to make a little extra cash, or for students to get a workout in (although it’s that too!)
Instead, YogaNexus is where you come to grow your yoga practice alongside other yogis. At the same time teachers keep 100% of their class fees from students

The Teachers

So… who are the teachers on YogaNexus? 

There’s no one way to answer this question. We have teachers from around the world. They come from different backgrounds with different yoga experiences and approaches.

One thing we can say for sure is that the teachers on YogaNexus are here because they value connection, communication, and feedback. 
We know that you might be missing your favorite teacher from your old yoga studio or gym. We feel that pain too. 

But with YogaNexus, you’ll have access to MORE teachers. Which means MORE opportunity to find like-minded teachers that you connect with.  

What now?

Jump over to our classes page to see who is offering classes right now! Or learn more about our teachers and read their bios. 
And, if you’re still unsure about taking a YogaNexus class, head on over to our FAQ page to read more about the platform. 
We can’t wait to practice with you.