The landscape of how we access and practice yoga is changing

The familiar smell of the studio…
Or even your favorite place to lay your mat…
…all help to make the ritual of ‘going to yoga class’ both comforting and cathartic.
We know that there is value in group practice and the community that a yoga studio builds.

Online classes are popping up all over the internet.
And, unfortunately, too many of those online yoga classes leave us feeling alone, less than inspired, or even confused.

YogaNexus recreates the sense of community, belonging, and support that you love at your in-person yoga studio — but we do it online

Our two-way live streamed classes means that:

  • Teachers can see their students and communicate with them.
  • Students don’t have to wonder “am I doing this right?”
  • And everyone feels seen, heard, and supported.

Our goal is community and connection through online yoga classes.