Yoga Nidra for Anxiety

Winter finds us in cooler temperatures here in the Northern Hemisphere and this time of year is very yin, a time to go inwards, so wouldn't it be nice to spend some time having a conscious nap? For many this time of year, along with the massive shifts we have been experiencing within the world


Connecting to Your Spirit Guides Meditation & Workshop

Teacher: Kortney

Have you ever felt disconnected, lost, or like you didn't know what you should be doing within your life? Have you ever wished that you could receive more guidance from your Spirit Guides? During this workshop, you will be guided through meditation to connect with your Spirit Guides and to connect with their guidance during


Slow & Strong

Rise and shine for this early morning class that is sure to get you ready for your daily routine and duties! This sixty minute class is a well rounded fusion of Asanas or postures that incorporates breathing exercises also known in Sanskrit as Pranayama. This class will offer a Hatha/Vinyasa and Yin mix, meaning the