Self-Love Meditation: Guided Meditation

Teacher: Thalia

Self-Love Meditation. A powerful practice Ā that can ease a racing mind. By drawing our attention to our innermost self, we find our source of inner peace and acceptance. Stressful thoughts gently diminish as we gain the peace required to move forward with grace.


Manifesting Your True LOVE

Within this workshop you will receive guidance to: šŸ„° gain insights into your true love...yourself šŸ„° how you can incorporate more self-love into your life šŸ„° tools, rituals, meditations, and guidance to manifest more love into your life The more we love ourselves, the stronger our boundaries are, the more confidence we have within, and


Couples Yoga Nidra-Guided Meditation

Teacher: Thalia

Do you want a deeper more profound connection with your partner? Spend Valentineā€™s Day getting to know each other on a more profound and deeper level with breath work and guided meditation to focus on your heart chakra to give and received love.