My teaching style of yoga is truly about connection with the body and the breath. No matter what type of yoga you are practicing, I see it as a gift you give to your body and yourself. Taking the time to connect with your body, breath, and mind creates harmony and balance in your life and body. Learn yoga with me and feel like a goddess.

One of my favorite things about yoga is the peace it brings when my body, breathe and mind are all in harmony together. My teaching style is more of a gentle approach to yoga; we focus on acceptance. Acceptance of what the body is capable of that day while loving yourself. We will stay very focused on the connection to the body. I want to make sure that we draw our awareness internally and we’re focusing on our breath and how we’re feeling in each area of the body. When we are struggling or feeling very tight I will remind you to send love and attention to that area of the body.

When I was young I viewed yoga from a Western approach. I used yoga as a work out going to Bikram and power yoga classes, and I loved it.
I loved how it challenged my body. But then I got a horrific neck injury and I wasn’t able to do those forms of yoga anymore. (I honestly thought I wasn’t gonna be able to do any form of yoga.) Thankfully my neighbor and a good friend introduced me to Isengard yoga. I was shocked at how this expedited my healing. Yoga was a huge part of my healing journey and that experience inspired me to become a teacher.

I decided I wanted to do my yoga teacher training while also giving back to a good cause. I went on yoga and searched for the best fit for me. Siem Reap Cambodia 200 hour YTT by an instructor with a PhD in yoga and yoga philosophy; on top of that, all proceeds went to developing wells in local villages to gain access to clean water! We got to visit a village and help with the first stages of digging for the well. It was an amazing experience that I look back on with a warm heart. My certification was completed in January of 2020. I flew back to the states in February excited to begin my teaching experience. I applied and was accepted to a studio in San Diego California where I would be a manager of the studio as well as a yoga teacher! Two months later Covid-19 closed small businesses and everyone went home from work unsure of when or if we could go back. I have been teaching yoga online ever since! I love teaching yoga online, it opens up the doors to anyone in the world to take my class.

I cannot wait to see you in my class!

“Yoga is not about touching your toe it’s about what you learn on the way down.”
“Yoga is a dance between control and surrender. Between pushing and letting go and learning when to push and when to let go “

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