I am a Spiritual Wellness and Beauty Advisor. I am also a proud mom of three beautiful children. Being a mom is my favorite job.

I am a beauty junkie. Spa nights with homemade Ayurvedic face masks are a once a week standard in my household.

I’ve been in the beauty industry as a cosmetologist for 30 years. I’ve done mostly hair, some skin as well, but being in the industry you just want to try everything. At least I do! So, I’m happy to share all my favorites.

I am a yoga teacher. My first stop teaching was to children on the spectrum. Then to I taught in a hospital setting to patients with eating disorders and patients with cancer.  Then a studio setting. Even though everyones physical needs were different, we all had one one thing in common, and that was love. Love is the greatest truth because it is something we can all feel. I believe in the power of love.

I am also a health enthusiast and eat for my dosha. Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga helps keep the body in balance. We get one body. The food we put in our body is so important, as are the thoughts we put in our minds. One of my favorite things to do is connect with the universe. Talk to it, sometimes it will talk back. Play a game with it. It’s fun. Remember the universe is on our side!

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