Through yoga, we create an embodied storytelling practice. We interact and communicate with ourselves — learning to trust our inner narrator. We find our natural rhythm and work to feel more at home in our bodies. All at once, we learn to connect with our internal and external worlds. Rooted in individual and collective liberation, yoga is a transformational tool of change. 

In addition to holding four teaching certifications, I’ve honed my skills as both an assistant teacher trainer,  and a mentor for new and prospective teachers looking to deepen their practice and cultivate their authentic offerings. Leading with a trauma-informed focus, I support and nurture the growth of my students along their journey each step of the way. 

When we practice yoga, we show up fully. We learn softness and strength, we learn to check in with ourselves and with our communities, to move with mindfulness and loving intent. Yoga is the work and the reward, the darkness and the light, the stillness and the sound, the compassion and the courage. The reckoning and the rebuilding — yoga teaches us that the magic is within. By revealing to us that we are both the wave and the sea, yoga shows us the interconnectedness of everything and everyone. 

As a yoga teacher and practitioner, I create the kind of empowering classes I’ve always loved taking. My teaching style lends itself to heart-expanding vinyasa flow with a soulful surrender. Blending my passion and purpose together, classes include elements of story, energy-shifting movement, and mindful meditation. Using inclusive language grounded in body sovereignty, I challenge you to make your own choices on the mat – to move like you. To trust in, connect, and heal your relationship with your body through yoga. 

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