I’m a yogini, free-spirit, traveler at heart, and artist by nature.

For many years I’ve traveled and worked as a botanist around the western US and the world. My trainings in yoga include a yoga immersion in India, Prana Vinyasa and Ashtanga in Colorado, and living in Nepal with a Brahmin family studying tratak (gazing meditation) and learning mantra. I’ve been teaching since 2016 in studios in Colorado, California, and Nepal.

My connection with plants and nature runs very deep and there are years where I’ve spent a quarter of my nights sleeping in tents instead of beds. I love to walk long distances in the mountains and exploring the amazing diversity of culture and life there is to experience. I love to pair outdoors and yoga experiences in my offerings. I also enjoy creating art in many forms including photography, botanical illustration, and working in various mediums.

I believe yoga is for anyone who feels called to it, and that wherever you find yourself in body or mind there is a style of yoga that can help you enrich your future. I believe yoga and nature together, especially, can heal even the deepest of wounds.

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