My journey with yoga started young. I was having issues with depression and anxiety as a teenager. I struggled for years. Then I found yoga. It started off as a way to stay limber and fit since I had just ended my 16-year career as a dancer. I never could have guessed where my new hobby would lead me. Yes, I received great health benefits from my yoga practice, but it also healed me mentally and spiritually. Soon I had a whole new way of looking at life. I was reborn! I was happy, unconditionally.

By the time I was in college I knew that I was meant to share this gift with anyone that needed it. I started by studying Complementary Healthcare and enrolling in a Reiki Practitioner program at my local college. After this, I  attended a Yoga Teacher Training program in Baja California, Mexico. I lived in a tent on the beach for a month, doing yoga all day. This experience was just what I needed to kickstart my new life as a yoga teacher. I dove deep into my practice, learning everything I could about asana, mantras, manifesting, sound healing, and other holistic modalities.

Recently I have just left my job as a nurse to fully immerse myself in yoga and birth work. It was a hard, but important decision for me to make. Every day is a new adventure. I am so grateful to be here today to share this space with you all.

Peace and blessings.


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