Visakha is from the mountains of Upstate, New York where she has lived and pursued her careers most of her life. In her early years she started as a ski instructor at a local resort called Hunter Mountain. Her few seasons of teaching at Hunter really brought great passion in the athletic and teaching industry, after a few seasons of ski instruction she joined the military and served her local community as an Emergency Medical Technician in the New York Capital region in Albany. During her lengthy career of EMS she spent six years studying the body and learning how to perform her job as support to her Paramedic partners. In turn of working in emergency medicine she obtained her yoga teacher training certification to cope with the stress and physical wear and tears that the profession brought into her life.

She taught yoga while worked on an ambulance then slowly transitioned out of the career field and became a full time traveling yogi who has traveled to some of the holiest places in the world from Israel to India in search of the spiritual yoga that mentors and gurus have wrote or spoke about in lectures and books. After traveling and living in India she has found a path of devotional service called Bhakti Yoga and spends her days practicing yoga to reading the Bhagavad Gita as well as chanting and performing seva (selfless service) to anyone who needs.

After six years of practicing yoga physically and spiritually and with over 570 hours of teacher trainings she is here to be of service and guide all people and all bodies into a healthier and more mindful lifestyle. Take a class! Ask questions! She is here to offer her services to those who would like to learn through her own personal life experiences from overcoming trauma, fear or to guidance on yoga and building confidence!

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